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Sue Bodilly


Sue was born in a leafy London suburb and spent her childhood between Surrey and the sea in West Sussex.
For Sue, her love of reading, writing and research was fuelled by a passionate young teacher at Romanoff School in Surbiton. The School itself was steeped in romantic tales of Aristocratic Russian Émigrés, fleeing Russia, for whose children it was first established. And, as was typical in those days, the school had its share of eccentric teachers.
One particular English teacher however, Miss Pearson, was more modern in her outlook and instead of tedious composition writing, she started a “Detective’s Club”. Each child had to purchase a pocket notebook with ruled lines. They were then given the name of a popular figure in history and the task was to find out as much as possible about them and write it up in their notebooks. At the end of term there would be prizes of oranges and bars of chocolate, such a treat in those days - with memories of rationing still not too distant.

Aged only nine years old, Sue would spend Saturday afternoons buried in the pages of books and encyclopaedias, researching her subjects.

As she grew up, “life” as they say, “had other plans” for her, one being totally self sufficient and doing "The Good Life" in Wales for 3 years. But she gradually found her way back to her childhood passion. First in printing - running a company with her husband - then in publishing, where she learnt everything from initial concept & design through to the finished printed product.

Ink was already in her veins – her grandfather had founded printing
companies in London and Liverpool before the 2nd
World War. And some of her first vivid memories were of the sound and smell of huge printing presses “clunking away”. Her father often took his “little shadow” up to London with him on Saturday mornings.

To further her knowledge of the latest fast moving technology, Sue worked freelance in the 80s for various advertising and publishing companies, including HLY Grey Direct, part of the global Grey Group (advertising & marketing) and PJB Publications. Wearing a myriad of hats, including Digital Compositor, Graphic Designer, Journalist, Writer, Editor, she covered typesetting, copywriting, design and layout, along with writing and editing. She was often responsible for the entire production of magazines – sometimes working single-handedly.

All this was to be in preparation for her real dream of producing her own, where she could originate the design, tackle research, and write and read to her heart’s content. She made the dream a reality and enjoyed every moment.*
Once again, after a while, life led her in another direction, including a natural progression into Web Design, where she designed and ran websites for clients, until now, which has culminated in Sue writing and publishing her own work.
So, finally, having spent most of her working life overseeing other people's work and most importantly their writing - the time came when an overwhelming urge to tell her own stories finally won the day. They had been simmering on the backburner of her busy life for many years.

This Website is dedicated to her Poetry Collection entitled “Doors Without Roses”, (Pen Name: Sue Bodilly, after her paternal Grandmother), depicting the sad and often contradictory and confusing world of sex and love, muddied by domestic violence and vicarious abuse.

Poems that had been written mostly through an unseen force - sometimes so pressing that she would jump out of the bath and run for pen and paper, leaving a soggy footprint trail in her wake.

*  In 1991, Sue was nominated for a Nancy Astor Award for her work in Media, covering women's issues
Sue has been a member of the SWWJ: - Society of Women Writers & Journalists - they celebrated 120 years in 2014, with a Service at St. Brides Church for Journalists and a meal at Stationer's Hall off Ludgate Hill, London (a stone's throw from her Grandfather's Printing Company before the 2nd World War in Ludgate Circus), quite a poignant moment. Victoria Wood, President, Ann Widdecombe and Baroness Shirley Williams and others attended and gave after dinner speeches.

Baroness Floella Benjamin is now President

Sue is a member of the Shrewsbury Poetry Stanza:

The First Shrewsbury Stanza Anthology was published in October 2014
It includes at least 2 poems from each member

In September 2015 Sue was one of 6 Members of the Shrewsbury Stanza to give poetry readings at The Poetry Café in Covent Garden, London.

2015 - Sue is presently working on a novel set in World War 11 - a love story which starts in the Cardiff Docks in 1936 and moves swiftly to the most affluent parts of Mayfair in London, Paris, New York & South America in the late 1940s, just after the War . . .

A Poetry Pamphlet is being designed and planned - the content being specifically described as "Nursery Crimes and Other Rhymes"

Short stories, novellas and scripts for stage and screen . . . in the pipeline . . .

These are a few of my favourite things:
 Dogs - this is Mylo my Yorkie Boy
 The Sea - taken at Elmer Sands, West Sussex
 Pink Roses
And of course, not forgetting - Reading, Writing, Research, Swimming, Walking on the Beach anywhere . . .

The Estuary and sands between Ynyslas and Aberdovey in Wales
showing the Cambrian Mountains in the distance