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3 Women killed in US by
Domestic Violence -
Every Week

2 Women killed in UK by
Domestic Violence -
Every Week

The Video on the right aims to bring attention to the number of teenage girls who are subjected to sexual abuse - when dating

Domestic Violence is physical harm, bodily injury, assault, the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, sexual assault or stalking


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Even Hollywood has a dark history of Domestic Violence - see below

Each Week 10 Women Commit Suicide in England & Wales to escape Domestic Abuse
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Clare's Law
Announcing the scheme, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said: "Domestic violence is a dreadful crime which sees two women a week die at the hands of their partners, and millions more suffer years of abuse in their own homes. That is why we are constantly looking at new ways of protecting victims."

When the scheme was announced, Refuge said the reality was that most perpetrators were not known to the police.

Chief executive Sandra Horley said the Home Office should instead tackle the issue by improving how police respond to calls for help.

The Darker Shades of Grey - 24th July 2012

A centre has opened near the Olympic Park in east London to tackle an anticipated rise in domestic and sexual abuse linked to the Games.

An expert on domestic violence said the threat came from more people having to spend time at home, large crowds and possibly athlete-on-athlete assaults.

He said research indicated cases of domestic violence increased with large sporting events.

The centre will provide the first data linking the issue with the Olympics.

It is based in The Grove, Stratford, and will be open for two months

A helpline adviser says:

"A mother-of-two in Newham tries to make herself scarce when her partner's football team plays because if they lose, he takes it out on her, getting physically abusive.

"She gets very anxious.

"We received a referral from the hospital once because he was hitting her with a dining chair."

 By Josephine McDermott BBC News, London

7th August 2012

From We Are The World to Man In The Mirror, musicians, singers and songwriters have proven again and again that music is one of the most powerful ways of conveying messages about causes and issues. Some music artistes like Bono and Bob Geldof have even become as famous for their activism as they are for their music. Others, like the late, great Whitney Houston, sang inspirational songs that motivate all of us to be better people and to give back to our communities and those who need us.

Here are 10 celebrity musicians/singers/songwriters who have either previously or are currently raised awareness and funds for the cause to end violence against women.

If you are an up-and-coming musician, why not join their ranks by joining the Fall 2012 YouTube Cover Carnival?

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together

Monday 8th October 2012
"I was emotionally abused for 10 years"

A victim of psychological bullying shares her story

As ‘non-violent control’ enters the legal definition of domestic violence, Nicola*, 31, explains how easy it is to find yourself psychologically bullied.

"I wish I could unravel it all and set it out in a clear, chronological progression. Maybe it would make more sense to those who think, ‘Why didn’t you just leave?’ if I could show how he chiselled away at me, gradually breaking me down from an ambitious self-assured woman to someone who felt sick with nerves at the prospect of asking him for money to buy food.


October 2012 - Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Family pets are frequently also victims of domestic violence and sometimes, they are one of the prime reasons why a woman and her kids can’t leave the abusive home behind because they are unable to take the pet with them.

On the flip side, pets and animals such as trained dogs and horses also help with the healing process for women and girls recovering from rape, assault and abuse.

This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Pixel Project invites anyone and everyone who has family pets or work with animals (be it dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, tortoises etc) to take a picture of yourself and your pet while holding up white paper or board as a sign that says: “We say NO!”

In 2011, mum-of-two Tina Nash was blinded in a vicious domestic violence attack by her boyfriend.

In the preceding months 'the man of her dreams' had become increasingly controlling, which escalated into punches, kicks, and even strangulation. Earlier this year he was sentenced to life.

Now, Tina is determined that something positive comes out of her experience.

From Monday 22 October 2012 Tina will be speaking out against domestic violence and raising awareness so others can spot the tell-tale signs and seek help and support

October 2012

In a harrowing account, Katy, a victim of domestic violence, waives her legal right to anonymity to talk openly about the brutal physical and sexual assaults she endured at the hands of her partner

Leaving a Domestic Abusive Relationship......

Living with the Dominator

by Pat Craven

I am the author Pat Craven. When I was a Probation Officer I ran courses for male 'perpetrators’ of violence against women and children. For two years I sat among groups of men who had injured, raped or killed their victims. I realised that abusive men use a range of tactics to control women


October 2012

What we do…

Women of Worth assists families in crisis and domestic violence victims to increase self-reliance and improve quality of life by helping them rebuild their lives with dignity, hope and safety.

November 26th 2012
New Stalking Laws now in place -
Recognising that often:
Stalking is an Extension of Domestic Violence
The largest number of stalking incidents are:
Carried out by Ex-Partners
And also, that other friends and family members are targeted too - in an attempt to isolate the "Victim" still further - thereby causing as much distress as possible -
The "Victim" feels helpless, trapped, also angry and frustrated, which can lead to Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Disassociation, and other mental and physical health problems brought about by prolonged stress and trauma -
Especially if this has continued on from actual Domestic Violence or Domestic Abuse previously
Basically destroying their chances for a "New Life"!

Reasons for Stalking include:
Obsessive "Love"
Sadistic Obsession (ownership)
Personality Disorders - such as Narcissism,
Impulse Control Disorder
And Others . . .
Determination to destroy another whom they perceive to be:
Happy, Stable, Content etc.
Inability to move on from a relationship that has ended:
(Refusing to believe that it has ended)
All becoming more dangerous when the Perpetrator is ignored !
All of the above is often exacerbated when other events in their life make them more, lonely, frustrated, resentful, envious etc.
Such as Loss, Bereavement, Failure - whatever form that takes!

Friday 28th December 2012
The myth that women can be held responsible for men’s sex crimes has returned, writes Laura Bates

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January 2014 - Crimestoppers

For the latest News on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence:
The Signs aren't always easy to see 

Women's Aid Conference: Child abuse and domestic violence – time for early intervention?

Wednesday March 5th 2014

Domestic Violence Refuges are being closed across the country in a crisis that is putting support for the most vulnerable women and children back 40 years, leading charities have warned.

August 2014

Strasbourg:  The world's most far-reaching treaty on combatting violence against women, from marital rape to female genital mutilation, comes into force on Friday in a dozen European states.

An estimated 12 women are killed by gender-related violence in Europe every day, with domestic violence accounting for almost a third of all murders in the region.

The 2011 Istanbul Convention had to be ratified by at least 10 Council of Europe member states to come into force a milestone met in April with the addition of tiny Andorra.

Nils Muiznieks, rights commissioner for the pan-European watchdog, said the text "could not come at a better time."

"Violence against women remains one of the most widespread human rights violations" in Europe, he said in a statement.

"Intimate partner violence is still among the major causes of non-accidental death, injury and disability for women."

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UNICEF states:
Violence perpetrated by intimate partners & other family members & manifested through physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse

UK LAW states:
Any incidence of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial, or emotional) between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality 

Women between the ages of 15-44 are more at risk from Domestic Violence than Cancer, RTA, and Malaria